The Art Society includes 200 enthusiastic members. In order to assure the quality and exclusivity of the events, this number of members should not be exceeded. The Art Society is a club for art connoisseurs and art collectors, providing a platform for members to meet, exchange ideas and discuss their interest. The Art Society therefore pays special attention to the fact that its members are established contemporary art connoisseurs. Thus collectors open the doors to their collections for other collectors…

To become a member of The Art Society, the following rules should be observed:

  • The number of active Members is limited to 200 persons.
  • Annual membership fees are €700 for an individual and €1.200 for a couple.
  • Membership is exclusively for individuals, collectors and/or confirmed contemporary art connoisseurs.
  • Potential Members cannot exercise an activity in the same sector as one of the Partners of The Art Society (ING Private Banking, Hiscox, Mobull and Sotheby’s), nor be a gallerist, a professional art advisor or an artist. A candidate who has been active as a gallerist or a professional art advisor should have not have exercised this activity for at least three years before being considered.
  • Candidates should be recommended by a Godfather, either a Partner of the Art Society (ING Private Banking, Hiscox, Mobull and Sotheby’s) or a member of the Advisory Board (Geert Behaegel, Anne Petre, Jan Muyldermans, Christophe Mortier, Emmanuel Van de Putte, Joost Vanhaerents) or Honorary Board (Lieven Declerck, Michel Delfosse, Mimi Dusselier, Sophie Lammerant, Emmy Tob).
  • Each application will be submitted by means of a dossier. Download your Application form here.
  • Twice a year, Board Members and Partners vote in new Members, limited to the number of vacancies available.
  • If the number of 200 members is exceeded, new candidates will be held on a waiting list until there is a vacancy.

If you would like to become member of The Art Society, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.