The Art Society and its partners

You are passionate about art, and over the course of time and after lots of discoveries, your needs have substantially grown? Logically, you will now seek to improve the quality and value of your collection, and will perhaps part company with your first purchases. You will then start following the trends and evolution of the art market and the results of the auctions, always on the lookout for significant works or collections that will help you to complete your own.

You will seek to safeguard your collection and protect it against the unavoidable hazards of life and the effects of time. At some point you will be faced with the question of transferring ownership of the collection. To help you in all of these matters, The Art Society’s various partner organizations are able to answer your questions and offer professional advice, tailored to your personal circumstances, and provided purely on an informational basis.


Bequeathing a collection

ING Private Banking offers members not only the benefit of its experience, but also the hands-on support of its teams of specialists who can find a solution suited to every individual situation.

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How to insure your art collection?

As specialists in the insurance of precious goods, Hiscox fully understands that every piece of art is unique and irreplaceable.

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Passion for fine arts services

With a team of experts, excellent storage infrastructure and extensive range of services, Mobull strives for high-quality protection tailored to the specific needs of each collector.

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