Establishing and tracking the value of one’s collection

With a presence in Belgium for over 30 years, the American art auction company Sotheby’s has witnessed during this time the growth of major collections, and has, indeed, contributed extensively to their evolution. Today, via its association with The Art Society, it is pleased to be able to assist a new generation of modern and contemporary art collectors.

How, you might ask, does one judge the value of a work of art, which has a sentimental value impossible to estimate…? One must nevertheless accept that a piece of art does have a commercial value, which can be accurately quantified, especially if one seeks expert professional advice.

The expert can compare a given item with other similar works, the auction price of which he knows. Factors such as intrinsic quality, size, subject, period in the artist’s creative life to which the work belongs, publications or exhibitions in which the work has been featured, provenance, state of conservation and rarity, will all play a part in determining the valuation. Evaluations and inventories can be arranged in complete discretion by one or more specialists, whose expertise and experience in the international art market will ensure the objectivity of all estimates provided.

Emmanuel Van de Putte, Managing Director Sotheby’s